Executive Coaching

TurningPoint Coaching is a partnership that creates powerful structures for courageous change. Together you and I develop strategies that can transform your effectiveness, motivation, personal power, and self love. You can shift your perspective from the myth of needing more to getting clear about what you really want. My clients are often at a crossroads, ready to make old habits insignificant and launch themselves in ways they can’t yet envision. In personal and professional life, it often feels like a battle between money and meaning. Either we become a slave to our work and make lots of money, or we follow our purpose and struggle to make ends meet. It often seems like we have to pick either money or meaning, success or fulfillment. TurningPoint Coaching inspires action towards living with intention and doing what you love. TurningPoint Coaching can help you discover a passion for life that extends beyond your career and material success—a passion that involves your identity, your self-worth, your relationships, and your health.


Diane’s reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to explore difficult topics with honesty, warmth and humor. She inspires, entertains, and really gets you thinking about how to lead the life that you want to be living, at work and at home. If you need an infusion of inspiration or perspective shift for your group or organization, Diane’s speaking will leave people thinking differently and feeling empowered. Some recent topics she's presented on include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Engagement and Development
  • Communication Skills and Tools

Diane’s speaking style is unique, practical, and catered to each group. If you have a topic or concern that is specific to you and you don't see it in the above list, please contact Diane directly to discuss options and ideas further.

Programs are designed to be presented in person or as webinars.

Recent speaking engagements include National Veterinary Associates and US Bank.


Doing what matters is all about values clarification, knowing what your priorities are, and taking effective action to align your work and life. In a competitive business environment, self-awareness and effective self-regulation are important assets that will allow you to become more successful. TurningPoint uses a simple and effective tool that offers a blueprint to help you understand yourself and your team better. Armed with this information, you can capitalize on your strengths and minimize your tactical miscues. You can become more aware of the culture that you create and use this information to interact more successfully with others.

Your Team

We need the power of thriving teams in order to excel. Whether your team works remotely or on-site, it is critical to know where you’re putting your energy, and how to best utilize the talent you have. How different would it be if you were making intentional choices about where to invest your energy, instead of reacting to external circumstances and demands? TurningPoint offers team assessments, trainings and webinar's that inspire and teach you how spend more of your time where you’re most effective, most engaged, and do your best work.

Your Culture

What we focus on grows. The best competitive advantage you can have is a strong culture that engages employees. We have access to the only culture survey in the world that aligns culture to productivity. When you align your culture with your people, you become laser focused and productive in all the ways that produce consistent, sustainable results. Whether you are a scaling company, a start-up, or a company with a legacy you want to keep alive, we can help you build and maintain a strong foundation.